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Highland HudsonFest Weekend announces an expanded weekend of events in 2014 starting on Friday October 10, 2014 with the Hudson Valley Rail Trail MoonWalk and of course the main attraction HudsonFest on Sunday October 12. HudsonFest takes place on the eastern spur of the trail with vendors lining the magnificent trail to the entrance of Walkway over the Hudson. Vendors will line the trail from 10am - 5pm on October 12 and the main tent will be available for relaxation, entertainment and dining.

The Highland HudsonFest celebrates the contributors of taste, sound, vision and artistry to the Hudson Valley and the hamlet of Highland. Join us for a day showcasing the hamlet and valley merchants, farms, vineyards, restaurants, artists and more that make our community so special.





HudsonFest is the creation of Eric Norberg and Scott Saso and made possible by generous volunteers, sponsors and merchants of Highland NY, Hudson Valley Rail Trail and the region. Highland HudsonFest is supported and underwritten by the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and all proceeds benefit the Hudson Valley Rail Trail.